About Overstock Plumbing Deals

Overstock Plumbing Deals is a leading liquidator of surplus plumbing materials. With years of experience in the industry, we guarantee that we can meet your company's needs from a buying or selling standpoint.

Unlike most of our competitors, we are not merely brokers. Instead, we buy only top notch stock from a wide variety of major manufacturers and ship directly to our customers. This is the way we can completely ensure quality and a unique customer service experience.

You will also find that we offer the option of buying in single quantities for retail customers in an effort to bring savings closer to every consumer. With plumbing fixtures, kitchen fixtures, and various types of hvac systems, our product line is carefully sourced to bring our customers bestselling products from leading brands. We delight in providing the perfect value packed merchandise for residential and commercial settings that are winners in both function and design.

We specialize in creating personal relationships with suppliers and customers alike and work closely with both to provide a variety of individual logistics solutions. When buying in bulk, you can be sure you will get the very best prices, and you are always assured of top notch customer service – attested to by our ever-growing customer base.

Whether your company needs to clear out some warehouse space for new inventory, or you have a warehouse to fill, Overstock Plumbing Deals is here to meet your company's needs.